Vehicle Use


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How much does it cost to borrow a vehicle?
$.32/mile for minivan
$.37/mile for van or minibus
$10.00/hour for a driver
EZpass charges are the responsibility of the reserving department. Each vehicle has an EZpass so you no longer need to request one for your trip.

How much notice do I need to give to borrow a car?
With this new system, you will be able to know immediately if there is a vehicle available to borrow. When you fill out a request, the system will assign you a vehicle if one is available. It is first come first serve, so try to get your request in as soon as you know the details.

How much notice do I need to get a driver?
At least 2 weeks notice is ideal when requesting a driver. We understand that this may not always be possible, but the more time we have to find a driver, the better we are able to help you with your trip.

*Your request will stay pending until a driver is found and assigned to the trip. Once a driver is assigned, you will receive an email with their information, and the trip will change to approved with the driver assigned in the driver role.

What if I work for more than one department?
You can change the account number each time you put in a request. If you are requesting for someone who has their account number filled in, it will auto-fill their information.

What if I have a group larger than one vehicle will hold?
You will make the same reservation for multiple vehicles (minivan holds 7 with driver, large vans hold 10 and 12 with driver, and minibus 15 with driver) to add up to the amount of people that you have traveling.